Manufacturer: Mars

Target Market: Biggest competition- Hersey

Second biggest competition- Jelly Belly (JBz)

Product Positioning: Relevant Buyers-

Identifying the attributes (also called dimensions) that define the product 'space'
Collecting information from a sample of customers about their perceptions of each product on the relevant attributes
Determine each product's share of mind
Determine each product's current location in the product space
Determine the target market's preferred combination of attributes (referred to as an ideal vector)
Examine the fit between:
  • The position of your product
  • The position of the ideal vector

Product: Milk chocolate, Peanut, Dark chocolate, Dark chocolate peanut, Almond, Peanut butter, M&M’s premium, M&M’s minis, Baking bits, M&M’s ice cream, Personalized M&M’s, M&M’s merchandise.

Pricing: Regular M&M’s- Depends on store, type, and size of bag; anywhere from $1-$5

Personalized- $16.99


Place: Anywhere; gas stations, super markets, movie theaters, etc.

Promotion: M&M characters, Racing, Commercials (Melts in your mouth, not in your hands), Official candies (Olympics ’84), Coupons, etc.


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Analysis of Brand’s Marketing Mix


  • Milk Chocolate
    • M&Ms® Facts: The little "m's" weren't printed on the candies until 1950, and were originally black, not white like you see today!
  • Peanut
    • M&Ms® Facts: Peanuts aren't nuts—
      they're legumes!
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut
  • Almond
    • M&Ms® Facts:85% of the world's almond crop comes from California!
  • Peanut Butter
  • M&M’s® Premium
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Chocolate Almond
    • Triple Chocolate
    • Raspberry Almond
    • Mint Chocolate
  • M&M’s® MINIS
    • M&Ms® Facts:There are over 100 M&M'S® MINIS® Chocolate Candies in each tube.
  • Baking Bits
  • M&M’s® Brand Ice Cream
  • M&M'S® Brand Ice Cream Treats
  • M&M'S® Brand Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • M&M'S® Brand Ice Cream Cone
  • M&M'S® Character Ice Cream Cake
  • M&M'S® Brand Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Customized M&M’s
    • Personalize words, faces, colors
    • Design for your business
    • Personalized packaging
    • 22 colors plus 3 in the shimmer collection
    • Celebrations and holidays
    • Gifts
    • Disney
    • Sports teams


  • Public vote on new colors
  • M&M’s® characters
  • Commercials
  • Seasonal and special M&M’s®


  • M&M’s® Colors in Bags
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Brown
  • M&Ms® Characters
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Orange
  • Website Homepage Advertisements
    • New M&M’s® Premium
    • Ways to bake with M&M’s®àrecipes, ideas, and tips
  • What’s New
    • Design your own M&M character on website
    • M&M’s® E-Card for every occasion
    • M&M’s® Premium
  • M&M’s® Merchandise
    • Collectables
    • Clothing
    • Home
    • Toys and games

  • Fun Facts
    • Fact #1:Forrest Mars came up with the idea for M & Ms during the Spanish Civil War. He discovered that soldiers were looking for a taste of home, in the form of chocolate, but needed something that could withstand hot temperatures. Mars took their request as a challenge and eventually came up with the candy, which he packaged in heavy tubes. Soldiers today still love M & Ms because they can hold up in just about any climate.
    • Fact #2:The brown bag of regular M & Ms was developed in 1948 and didn't change much over the years until 2003.
    • Fact #3:Peanut M & Ms (all in the color brown) weren't developed until 1954.
    • Fact #4:M & Ms slogan "the milk chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hand" is one of the most recognizable in advertising history.
    • Fact #5:Red, green, and yellow colors were added to peanut M & Ms in 1960, but orange wasn't added until 1976.
    • Fact #6:Red M & Ms were discontinued in the mid-70's because of concerns that red food coloring was connected to cancer.
    • Fact #7:In 1981, astronauts chose the round candy coated chocolates to go with them into space as part of their food rations.
    • Fact #8:A holiday blend of special colored M & Ms were developed in the early 80's. The first blend was a mixture of red and green candies for Christmas. A mixture of pastel candies quickly followed that for Easter. Eventually, the special holiday line went on to add pink and red for Valentine's Day.
    • Fact #9:Red M & Ms were brought back into the fold in 1987 when consumers demanded his return.
    • Fact #10:In the 90's, two new flavors were developed - Peanut Butter Chocolate and Almond.
    • Fact #11:Consumers voted to choose a new color to be added to M & Ms. Although pink and purple were considered, it was blue who took home the prize and took its place in candy history.
    • Fact #12:M & Ms Baking Bits were developed in the mid-90's so that bakerscould use their favorite candies in their best dessert recipes. M & M Minis were also brought on board, packaged in colorful plastic tubes.
    • Fact #13:In 1996, the M & M characters were developed and quickly became a favorite; surpassing some of the most well known icons of all time like Mickey Mouse and Bart Simpson.
    • Fact #14:Ms Green - - the first female M & M character - - was born in 1997
    • Fact #15:In 1998 the M & Ms characters became self-professed spokes candies of the new Millennium since the Roman numerals MM means 2000.
    • Fact #16:M & Ms Crispy Chocolate Candies were introduced in 1999.
    • Fact #17:In 2001 M & Ms launched a global call for a new color to add to the M & M mix. Citizens of over 200 countries took part in the survey, which was conducted by ballot, phone, website, mail, and even on site at kiosks. The result wasn't quite unanimous, but purple edged out aqua by four percentage points to become a temporary M & M color.
    • Fact #18:2003 saw the design of a new package designed by renowned artist Michael Rios.
    • Fact #19:In 2004, M & Ms were invited to take part in Dick Clark's New Year'sRockin' Eve. However, at midnight something horrible happened; the candies lost their color. Chocolate lovers all over the U.S. searched for two and a half months to locate color in the midst of all the black and white. On March 11, 2004, colors returned amidst a new proclamation that "Chocolate is better in color!"
    • Fact #20:You can purchase customized M & M's in colors and sayings that you choose through the candy's official website. (

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